Web3 & The Metaverse for Fashion Brands, Experts & Marketers

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Hello and Welcome to Mint Ventures Academy!

You might be wondering - what’s this hype about Web3, Metaverse and AI?

Actually, this is about your customer and where they go.

They don’t make those purchases anymore - and it’s not only about the economy.

It’s about their attention.

They go where Brands offer them something new. Something to play with.

Something that gives them identity and an immersive experience.

Fashion is all about that. But to use the right technology it needs time.

And the right knowledge.

Learn & Experience

  • In this 90-min session, we share the best tools and practices for creating meaningful experiences for your customers with Web3.
  • You will discover the success stories of Fashion Brands (and beyond) entering the Metaverse with tangible use cases and in-depth analysis.
  • You will experience the Metaverse with an immersive live demonstration of Digital Garments in Roblox, Sandbox and Decentraland.

Digital Fashion - New Frontier for Immersive Brand Experience in Web3

As we entered 2023, Brand Owners are facing the challenge of how to navigate in the fast world of technology.

AR, Virtual Showrooms, Metaverses - All these Web3 verticals have become an integral part of building a brand.

The tools and strategies are becoming more complex in this multi-digital world. It takes cross-functional skills and deeper tech knowledge how to attract more customers and keep them loyal.

Moreover, it has strategically important to understand that the Metaverse is more than just hype but a channel to create meaningful experiences.

You will understand how to launch your first Web3 experience and see a demo of Metaverses and Virtual Spaces that can be utilized today.

Join us at Mint Ventures Academy where our experts will guide you in creating your first Web3 experience - in a sustainable and affordable way.

We will teach you how you can attract more customers with Web3 - The right way.

No hype here - just simple tools and knowledge that you can add to your campaigns today.

And the best - we will demo you Metaverse Spaces and Virtual Showrooms.

You will be able to see where those new customers hang out and how they use Digital Garments.

Your Instructors:

This Masterclass is Suitable for:

  • Brand owners exploring tools to unlock new revenue streams.
  • Digital marketers exploring new ways for user engagement.
  • eCommerce strategists looking to offer new eShop experiences.
  • Artists & Designers with interests in Digital Fashion.
  • Innovative thinkers & lifelong learners!


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Web3 & The Metaverse for Fashion Brands, Experts & Marketers

0 ratings
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